the art of creative writing
with you

the written word by megan harmer


i wanna lock eyes with you

i wanna see the whole world in you

be the rhythm that beats in you

the love that runs through you.

because boy I believe in you

your the reason I smile

when I think of you

it makes me wanna be with you.

i feel so alive when i see you

it’s that electricity I share with you

soaking in the sunsets with you

sharing a little sunshine if I want to.

there a so many variables with you

spend the rest of my life with you

take my hand and share the love with you

because boy I belong with you.

they don’t have any right to judge you

i’ll choose whom ever i dam well want to

come between us and i’ll react too
paint the whole dam saga if i want to.

they’ll learn not to mess with you

forever i’ll fight for you

it’s worth every lonely night without you

because honey I believe in you.

Copyright © 1990 - 2020 Megan Harmer All Rights Reserved

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