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the written word by megan harmer


out early one morning

he caught her off guard
in an instant there he was

all she could do was stare.

out of nowhere
walking in her stride

he had this familiar glow
a certain energy you know.

smiling in his pink cotton candy

speaking in his foreign tongue

knowing she had none

her eyes where transfixed.

captivated by this one
man he got some

smiling back with curiosity and cheek
there they both clicked.

with less than three words spoken
their secret well it ain’t been broken
now this, this was a quick conversation

camelot for sure it was a real observation.

though the trick was quite new

but she, she surely knew
this stranger from a foreign land
he wanted to keep it in motion.

she exit stage right an

he starts causin a commotion
no one would believe

in this kinda potion.

Copyright © 1990 - 2020 Megan Harmer All Rights Reserved

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