the art of creative writing
tres besos

the written word by megan harmer 


i’m not going to say how much i miss you 

i’m not going to say how much it hurts

i’m not going say how hard it was to leave you

but i will say i’m so grateful i met you.

its best not to mention

how distance - he keeps us apart

let not talk about jealousy

that bitch - he’ll take us back to the start.

because together we

we made the connection

we, we felt that little spark

maybe soon we won’t have to speak in the dark.

for sure i’ll be waking up beside you

for sure your eyes will meet mine
for sure together we’ll make a little sunshine

for sure we’ll make few more secrets in time.

and soon i can send my smile your way

and soon i can flick that wink in your direction

and soon I can feel that little shiver in my heart

when you throw that look my way.

for sure i’ll melt when your hand takes mine

for sure when you kiss me i’ll forget about time

for sure we’ll laugh when we speak without speaking

for sure i’ll tell you your the reason my sun shines.

and together we can sing our little song
you know, you turn on my happiness on

and you know your three kisses
they always help me find where i belong.

Copyright © 1990 - 2020 Megan Harmer All Rights Reserved

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