the art of creative writing
moments like these

the written word by megan harmer


we could talk without speaking
touch without feeling

love without leaving

awake is the new sleep

when we dream our spirits meet.

there is a definite connection

whenever our company meets

you walk into my mind

always knowing when i need

you by my side.

a meeting of the minds

spent in another time

now we are apart
magic moments like these

turn into a memory of the past.

we dialed up a connection
no one else could imagine

that tone in your voice
that smile on your face.

I walked through your door

just what I’d been waiting for
it was your energy

your gentle affection.

its moments like these

that make days like these

a little easier to exist

one little piece of bliss

that i will surely miss

no matter what they say
we owned that moment
they can never take that away
in my sweet heart
honey there you’ll always stay.

Copyright © 1990 - 2020 Megan Harmer All Rights Reserved

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