the art of creative writing

the written word by megan harmer


expecting nothing

a smile i wasn’t looking for

an energy I didn’t plan for

like being drawn to a magnet.

a hug without the touch

a kiss without the lips

a presence that moved me

immediately at ease.

I was intrigued

strangers in this life
old friends in another

feel the electricity.

eyes that spoke

a vibe that glowed

a smile i already new
magic happens.

a spirit that sparked

a talk without speaking

felt so comfortable

with strangers friend.

ready to move forward

fear tugs at my strings

flashes of painful memories

left in the past.

time to rest my weary soul
embrace the peace

a renewed sense of faith

this love feels safe.

Copyright © 1990 - 2020 Megan Harmer All Rights Reserved

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