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My art is an expression of my soul, I create to express an emotion - being creative is part of my DNA. Since graduating from university I’ve always been creative, working with pastels or drawing and most recently painting and ceramics. Each illustration, sculpture or painting I make is a challenge and at various stages of the process brings me joy and peace.

My paintings usually begin with a black and white illustration, sometimes these drawings are inspired by an image that enters my mind, a photograph or a dream I have while asleep. I apply multiple layers of paint to give a screen print like opacity, whilst bold, calligraphic lines and jeweled pointillism are overlaid atop lush shapes of saturated color whilst gorgeous metallic accents can be also be seen to illuminate the surface. By infusing the artwork with pointillism, interesting detail and subtle texture I am able to create captivating landscapes and resonating symbolism.

My bold and fluid style paired with the subjects of the pieces, express moments captured in time. My work is almost biographical, it expresses the challenges, adversity and happiness of real life experience. The symbolism I use are universally appealing, popular icons with a modern, abstract twist. Influenced by time, place and circumstance, I explore themes such as fighting for justice, survival, women’s rights, unrestricted freedom, ocean life and love.

Influenced by the masters, Picasso, Monet, Dali, Turner and many more. Viewing Guernica at the Reina Sophia Museum in Madrid and visiting the Picasso Museum in Barcelona was for me an artistic turning point. As a teenager I admired local artists - the likes of Ken Done and Reg Mombassa and developed an appreciation of Aboriginal Art and Culture whilst studying at art school. More recently I’ve discovered the pointillist masters in the Museum D’Orsay in Paris which was a huge delight.

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